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Salisbury & South Wilts District Scouts

New Gate at Scout HQ

8th October 2014

New Gate at Scout HQ

The car park at Dennis Marsh House our District Scout HQ in Westminster Road, Salisbury has a new entrance and a gate which is now kept locked when the premises are not in use. Because of the limited parking in the area it had been a growing problem with members of the public using our car park not only for overnight parking but for longer periods sometimes weeks at a time. Additionally because of the location of the entrance vehicles were parking close to it and the nearby road junction which made it difficult for exit and egress of our minibus and other vehicles. They also obstructed part of the junction. Moving the entrance has effectively stopped vehicles parking at the junction thereby increasing road safety and greatly reduced problems with manoeuvring in the area. Another benefit is that the car park has become a safer environment for our young members as vehicles can be prohibited from entering by the gate enabling them to do outside activities without the fear of vehicles entering uninvited. The old entrance has been blocked up and has provided space for the public to park outside our premises. 

The work necessary was carried out by volunteer members and by contractors who fabricated and erected the gate and surfaced the new entrance. 

Finance to enable this project to go ahead has been gratefully received from the Salisbury Area Board and the The Hills Group Ltd Landfill Communities Fund which is administered by Community First the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire. 

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